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Join our Crown Club

Join in the Crown Club

We invite you to become a founder partner of The Crown Club and help end violence against women.

'I will give them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, and the oil of gladness instead of a spirit of despair,' Isaiah 61:v3

At least 1 in 3 women across the world has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime. Restored aims to end violence against women – to give them a ‘crown of beauty instead of ashes’.

As a co-founder of Restored I am passionate about seeing Christians and the church worldwide take it's place in transforming relationships and ending violence against women. To bring healing, restoration, to challenge the abuse of power, to prevent and stop violence.

I believe we can do it!

We can't do it on our own however, we need you to join in with us. Ending violence against women is not an easy task. We face myths of abuse, misunderstandings about the nature of violence, prejudices and assumptions. Frankly it's hard work and takes persistence, courage and speaking the truth when some would prefer not to hear it. Yet this does not deter me, nor the small staff and volunteers we have here at Restored.

Much has been achieved in a short time

  • Creating the largest Christian alliance in the world addressing violence against women.
  • Creating resources which are equipping the church to be able to counteract violence against women. See our myths and abuse video here
  • Forming the world’s first Christian men’s movement, First Man Standing, to oppose violence against women.
  • Training churches and raising awareness in the UK
  • Launching a church-based campaign to challenge violence in Latin America.
  • International and national level impact in recognising the role of the church and engaging it to end violence against women. Watch Co-Director, Mandy, speaking at the General Synod of the Church of England here

Survivors of violence have told us that they are so encouraged to hear that Restored exists to help equip the church to respond effectively and appropriately. Some men have told us they are encouraged that they can join in a campaign to make a positive difference. We want to do more.

We have a bold vision for the next three years

We feel that God has provided many opportunities to take this work forward and make a difference. Our priorities for the coming three years include:

  • rapidly expanding our UK church training;
  • creating a UK survivors’ network for Christian women who have been affected by violence and whose needs are not met by secular agencies;
  • helping to get a church-based response launched in various countries;
  • extending our men’s campaign, First Man Standing, around the world;
  • developing the idea of a perpetrators’ programme for men who want to end violence; and
  • working with others to be part of the UK’s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative and to raise the profile of violence against women issues worldwide.

But we need your help to make these plans a reality.

Will you help to protect millions of women around the world from violence?

You can – by becoming a founder partner of The Crown Club and making a regular monthly gift. Restored costs relatively little to run, given its impact. We have two part time co-directors, Peter and myself; a part time church trainer, Josephine; a part time fundraiser, Emma; and a full time office manager and Latin America Coordinator, Carolina.

Join in now

Now if you are anything like me you will think that's a good idea and think you will do it later. Then forget to do it. Why not do it now and feel good knowing you are part of a club making a difference? Sign up here

Thank you

Thank you to the 40 people who have journeyed with us so far in giving on a regular basis. We are very grateful that you have already invested in us. You are members of the Crown Club. Thank you. And thanks to all who join in with us in this next stage via the Crown Club. We really can't do this without your support. It is invaluable.

Thank you

Mandy Marshall

Co-Director, Restored