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Making a Difference in Latin America

Making a Difference in Latin America

Today is International Women's Day. A day to mark the progress made towards equality between women and men, and yet also an opportunity to highlight the work still yet to be done. Violence against women remains an epidemic in our societies. It damages, undermines and can destroy progress made towards ensuring both women and men realise their full potential in life. So what are we doing about it?

Over the last year we have been working in four countries in Latin America, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina, with Paz Y Ezperanza to establish a baseline survey on levels of domestic abuse in the church. Check out what we found in this short 2 minute film here

A fuller statistical infographic in English can be downloaded here [Infographic] which gives more information on the research.

Thank you to those of you who gave to make this research a reality.

The next steps we are working on is to offer an e-learning course to Pastors and Church leaders in Spanish in the four countries. This will include the basics of what domestic abuse is, how it manifests in relationships, what action we can take alongside addressing misunderstandings of theology that can lead to spiritual abuse and looking at masculinities and using Jesus as an example.

As with all of our work we can only do this with your support. Global Giving will 50% match any donation given until today to enable this training to take place.

Inspired? Will you give today to enable us to continue the work we have started?

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