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PRESS RELEASE: Carl Beech to become Ambassador for Restored!

PRESS RELEASE: Carl Beech to become Ambassador for Restored!

Restored, a Christian charity seeking to end violence against women, is pleased to announce that Carl Beech, the global president of Christian Vision for Men (CVM), is to become an ambassador for Restored.

Carl’s particular emphasis will be to champion Restored’s First Man Standing campaign. First Man Standing seeks to recruit men to be a intrinsic part of the solution in ending violence against women by:-

-recognising that violence against women is more than a women’s issue.

-understanding the problem and misery that results from domestic abuse.

-‘Speaking Out’ against such behaviour

-if necessary and appropriate, challenging inappropriate behaviour in others.

-calling upon the Church to take action.

Carl Beech said:-

“I am passionate about the work of Restored and its First Man Standing campaign, having been involved with Restored since they began their so-important work. 1 in 4 women in the United Kingdom suffer from domestic abuse. This should not be so. We men must be fully involved in understanding, supporting and speaking up against domestic abuse. Yes, we are the problem - but we are also the solution.”

Andrew Caplen and Mandy Marshall, the two co-Directors of Restored said:-

“We are delighted that Carl has accepted our invitation to be one of our ambassadors. The issue of domestic abuse is one that pervades all sections of society within the UK, including the Church*. We look forward to Carl speaking about these issues specifically to men and, through doing so, assisting Restored in its mission to change the lives of those who suffer from such abuse.”

*Research published earlier this year by Restored/University of Coventry/University of Leicester concluded that 1 in 4 churchgoers in Cumbria had experienced domestic abuse within their current relationships. It is clear from this that the Church needs to respond appropriately and effectively.

Carl Beech has been married to Karen for 24 years and has two adult daughters. He is the senior leader of Redeemer King Church in Chesterfield, a church that he planted 4 years ago with 10 people that now sees 330 people worshipping regularly across congregations in both Sheffield and Chesterfield. He is global president of Christian Vision for Men (CVM), founder of The Gathering Men’s Festival and CEO of The Edge. He is an in-demand speaker, author and podcaster. In his spare time he likes to try and keep fit and tackle the odd endurance event, read, watch movies, dabble in music and paint with watercolours!