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Ready to Launch

After two years of meeting amazing organisations & individuals; concepts papers, brand, design, website creation and lots and lots of prayer, Restored is launched to the world today.

We are only here today by the grace of God and through the love of God shown to us by many individuals and organisations who have supported us with your prayer, time, resources, experience & skill. To all of you we say a huge thank you. Thank you for your generosity, the spirit in which you have offered so much to us, and your belief that we can achieve the seemingly impossible. Your encouragement to keep going has helped us get to today. Thank you.

We are so grateful to the many who have gone before us, who have been working, often alone and unrecognised, to engage the church in ending violence against women. For those of you who have worked so hard, for so long, to engage the church in ending violence against women, we hope that Restored will be an encouragement to you and a confirmation that God hears the cries of our hearts.

This is day one. This is only the beginning. We cannot do this alone. We need you. We need you to engage, to speak out against violence against women, to raise awareness in your church, to support local domestic violence organisations, to pray for a change of attitudes and hearts of those perpetrating the violence. Until violence against women has ended.

Today the church rises and takes action. No longer will we remain silent. No longer will we turn a blind eye in our churches. No longer will we justify violence against women with our thoughts or scriptures. No longer will we think it's none of our business. Today we, as a global church and as Christians, make a stand and say this is our business. All violence against women is wrong and it must stop.

So we ask that you join us on this journey as we set out to change our own attitudes, our own actions, our own churches, our own communities, our nations. To walk with us as we set out on this huge task, remembering that nothing is impossible with God. Take a look at the Get Involved section to see how you can be involved. Pray.

I leave you with the words of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, 'Violence against women is never acceptable, never tolerable, never excusable.'

We long to see it ended. May it be so in our churches, communities and nations.