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The Gathering

The Gathering

In a field near Swindon

No , we are not joking. That is the description of the location given out by Christian Vision for Men (CVM) who host and run The Gathering each year. No doubt you could easily get lost if you didn't have the postcode and a handy satnav to guide you to the exact field. Anyone who knows Wiltshire understands that there are many fields near Swindon!

The Gathering

Is a weekend where Christian men from around the UK meet for fun, friendship and fellowship with a bit of fifty aside footy thrown in for good measure. It is targeted at men and men''s groups in churches to bring their non-church mates along for a life changing opportunity. With talks from Jason Royce of Romance Academy, Andy Hawthorne of the Message Trust and Patrick Dixon, their is plenty of opportunity for challenge and for changed lives.These speakers, combined with President of CVM, Carl Beech, speak passionately about their subjects. (Take a look at the programme line up here.)

What is Restored doing there?

Glad you asked. We will be, (well when I say 'we' I mean Peter, Max and Paul), will be promoting First Man Standing. We want hundreds of men to pledge to never committing, condoning or remaining silent about violence against women. We want men to make a stand and to speak up and break the silence about abuse, to respect all women, challenge other men ( which takes courage) and to join in the cause of ending violence against women. If you need inspiration check out this amazing short video/film clip from Ben & Neal, two First Men Standing from Eastleigh. Watch it here

Walk a mile in high heels

We will also be encouraging men to sign up to walk a mile in high heels in November to raise awareness of the continued abuse of women. There is a flip flop option available for men as long as they agree to have their toenails painted. Last year we have a number of men sign up to walk and raise awareness. Our aim is to engage men in the issue and bring them on a journey of understanding and changed lives. We recognise that there are different views of men walking in high heels. For us it is simply a way of highlighting an issue to a group of people that would otherwise not necessarily engage and have an opportunity to share information that may lead to positive action.

If you are interested in joining in the walk a mile in high heels please contact Peter on Peter@restoredrelationships.org


Please pray for Peter, Max and Paul this weekend as they camp and persuade men to join in with First Man Standing. Pray they will be refreshed, renewed and encouraged by the response alongside having some good conversations with men about ending viollence against women. Thank you

Sign up

Sign up to First Man Standing here