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For centuries, God’s people have been at the forefront of challenging social injustice. We believe that God’s church is the hope of the world and that as churches step up and speak out, we’ll see change come.

We want to see a network of churches that do not tolerate abuse, but instead provide a safe refuge for survivors, nurture them back to health and demonstrate God’s deep love for them. Abuse robs men, women and children of their identity, security and value. We want to give it back.

We’d love to partner with your church to create a safe space for women. We're not just interested in fundraising and raising awareness (although these are important things!) but we want to work alongside your church to create a real, tangible impact for women experiencing domestic abuse in your church or local area.

I'm interested in partnering with you as a Restored Beacon

Fill in our form to let us know you're interested. We will get in touch to discuss what your church is doing already, and how you might be able to have an impact.

I'm interested!