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Turn the page on isolation

We’re aiming, with your help, to raise £10,000 towards the cost of our Survivors' Network, so that more women can find healing and hope.

Women who have been subjected to domestic abuse are some of the most isolated people in society. You can help show them they’re not alone.

You and this incredible charity continue to remind me that I am not alone and more importantly you believe me. This is the biggest thing, truthfully.

— A member of our Survivor Network —

The transformational power of knowing you are not alone, that you are loved, cannot be overstated. That’s why this May, we are raising £10,0000 to turn the page on isolation for more survivors of domestic abuse.

Over 400 women have found this place of healing in our Survivors’ Network - but many more women are in darkness. Will you help them?

  • Just £10 can enable a survivor to attend a group session, giving her the chance to talk about her experiences in a supportive environment and learn coping techniques and resilience. 

  • If you can give more, £120 can pay for one survivor to attend a full 12 week recovery course.

  • £1200 can enable us to run a whole recovery course for 10 women

Thank you so much for standing with us as we Change the Story for women.