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Violence against women and girls is entwined in every culture on earth; ending it seems impossible. But we follow a God of the impossible, a God who can do more than we can ask or imagine, so, at Restored, everything we do is founded on prayer: asking God for the seemingly impossible - an end to the evil of domestic abuse.

Pray for:

  • survivors and victims of violence to receive the help, support and care they need;
  • perpetrators of violence to stop, to be held accountable, get the help they need to change and for justice to prevail;
  • our member organisations as they work, often in difficult circumstances and situations, to bring about change;
  • churches to be inspired to help change the story for survivors and become part of God's plan for restoration;
  • for the UN, EU, African Union, and governments around the world to prioritise ending violence against women;
  • for institutional church structures to do all they can to ensure a zero-tolerance approach on violence against women, whilst supporting survivors and empowering perpetrators to change;
  • for the staff and volunteers of Restored - for health, strength, energy to keep going;
  • for funding for our work - we are a charity and need people to stand with us to change the story for more survivors of abuse.

Join us in prayer

We'd love you to join us by signing up to our monthly prayer letters and committing to support survivors of abuse, praying for our governments' responses to violence against women to God and asking God how we personally can make a difference.

Sign up to pray