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The call of Judges 19:30 to 'Speak up and do something' about violence against women sits at the heart of all we do at Restored. If you'd like us to come to speak up at your church, event, or conference. we'd love to hear from you and work to find a speaker that's right for your church or event.

What might this look like?

It could be:

  • A Church service
  • Men or women's breakfast
  • After dinner speaker
  • Workplace Christian Network event
  • Conference
  • Or something else we haven't thought of

We can:

  • Share the realities of violence against women and domestic abuse in particular
  • Talk about the Bible has to say about it
  • Explore how we as individuals and Church can change the story for women.
  • Look at what it means to be a First Man Standing
  • Explore some of the trickier passages in the Bible dealing with violence against women

Request a speaker

Get in touch if you're interested in someone coming to speak at you event or church service. By completing our contact form, you're not committing to anything - we'd love to chat and find out what's right for you.

Request a Speaker

Become a speaker

Interested in joining our team of speakers? We're looking for excellent communicators to join our team speaking to churches about domestic abuse. We'll give you training and support, and help you develop your skills before heading out.

Contact us