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If you would like to pray for and with us, you can sign up for our prayer updates, which will be sent straight to your inbox each week. These updates let you know how you can be praying for our Survivors' Network members, the wider work we're doing, and violence against women more generally.

We also meet each Friday afternoon over Zoom to pray through the prayer update and more - if you'd like to join, just get in touch!

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Receive prayer updates straight to your inbox.


Ideas for Prayer

If you'd like to pray for survivors of domestic abuse, here are some ideas for things to pray for:

For those currently experiencing abuse

That they would find out about organisations that can help, like the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, and be able to contact them safely if they wish to. For opportunities to speak to a trusted friend about what they're experiencing, and that if and when they disclose abuse, they would be believed.

For those who have left their abuser

Pray that they would find a safe place to be, and that God would protect them from further abuse post-seperation. Pray that they would know that they aren't alone, and that they don't need to feel guilty or ashamed about what's happened to them. Pray that God would place survivors of domestic abuse in loving communities that seek to understand their experience and support them safely.

For Churches

Pray that churches would take up the Biblical call to pursue justice and support the vulnerable, including by supporting survivors of domestic abuse. Pray that the Church would become known as a place of love, compassion and support: lights in the darkness for those who've experienced abuse. Pray that churches would never tolerate or excuse abuse.