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Do you know . . .

  • how to manage a domestic abuse disclosure from someone in your church?
  • what the Bible says about domestic abuse?
  • how to support survivors in your church?
  • what the Bible says about domestic abuse?
  • that domestic abuse happens in church families too?
  • how to help abusers in your congregation?

We can help

As the country’s biggest social institution, present in more communities than any other, churches have a crucial role in preventing domestic abuse. It can start with becoming aware, engage in careful listening, and learning to respond with supportive, caring and helpful actions.

Restored’s Church Guide has been developed to help the church do these things well.

Section 1 - What is domestic abuse?

This section looks at the definition and types of domestic abuse and how its cycle and characteristics are displayed in relationships. Coercive control and the law are outlined and the prevalence of domestic abuse nationally and in local churches are discussed. This section also addresses who experiences domestic abuse, its signs as well as common misconceptions.

Section 2 - How the Church can stand against domestic abuse.

This section helps church members learn how to respond appropriately when abuse is disclosed and how to support a victim/survivor and any children involved well - and how to respond appropriately when the abuser is also in your congregation.

We provide a framework for handling disclosures with a clear diagram delineating stepwise actions needed. We also list clear do’s and don’ts for managing interactions with victim/survivors and perpetrators well.

Section 3 - Theological Reflections

This section explores key topics in the Bible that should guide our response to domestic abuse and discusses common misconceptions or verses that can be used erroneously allowing Christians to remain unchallenged or unsupportive of others who find themselves in this situation.

Section 4 - Specialised Services

Finally we provide a section on specialised services and resources available in the UK that you can call upon for your own guidance or to signpost for a victim/survivor.

I already have a copy of the old Church Pack, why should I buy the Church Guide?

Some of the significant differences between the new Church Guide on the old Church pack is that we have included two new helpful sections. The first discusses the effects on children who find themselves in a household where one parent is being abused and one parent is the abuser. Signs and helpful support are outlined.

The second new section deals with managing abusers in your congregation well. Knowing how to support a perpetrator can be filled with potential pitfalls and so we provide a list of specific do’s and don’ts, always keeping the safety, sanity and dignity of the victim at the forefront of any action.

Church guide (3).png

This resource is a 'must have' for any church community wanting to help and support individuals affected by domestic abuse

— Bekah Legg - CEO Restored —