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The Church has turned its eyes too often and for too long. Domestic violence has been ignored in the pulpit and the Bible misinterpreted to justify abuse. The call of Judges 19:30 is that we must speak up and do something about violence against women. Restored is committed to speaking up in the Church and inspiring Christians to do something.

What we do

  • Train churches and church leaders to appropriately identify and address domestic abuse.
  • Produce baseline information on family violence: We've done this in churches across Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia & Peru, as well as conducting groundbreaking research in the UK looking at domestic abuse within the church.
  • Speak and raise awareness about domestic abuse and God's heart for victims of violence against women at key Christian events and churches.
  • Distribute key information in nine languages, in our church pack to inspire and equip the church to respond to domestic abuse and violence and against women.
  • Speak and write across the Christian media, raising awareness of violence against women, domestic abuse and how churches can respond.

Reported domestic abuse is alarmingly on the rise in our country, and is no respecter of social, racial or religious boundaries. As followers of Jesus it is vital that we join with others in praying, speaking out, and doing all we can to confront this evil in our society,

— The Right Revd Andrew Watson, Bishop of Guildford —