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We believe that the Church is God's great idea to being transformation to the world. However, so often, churches are unaware of the reality that domestic abuse happens within their congregations. When survivors of domestic abuse seek help from their churches, they can be faced with disbelief, or find that their leaders aren't equipped with the knowledge and resources to help.

That's why we make it a key part of our mission to speak up about domestic abuse within churches and Christian settings, and inspiring God's people to do something about domestic abuse.

What we do

  • Train churches and church leaders to appropriately identify and address domestic abuse.
  • Produce baseline information on family violence: We've done this in churches across Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia & Peru, as well as conducting groundbreaking research in the UK looking at domestic abuse within the church.
  • Speak and raise awareness about domestic abuse and God's heart for victims of violence against women at key Christian events and in churches.
  • Create resources like our Church Guide, to help churches understand domestic abuse and begin to know how to respond
  • Speak and write across the Christian media, raising awareness of violence against women, domestic abuse and how churches can respond.

“I wish people – my family and those at church – had listened to me. The church needs to have a greater understanding so that they can support you. They need to listen and understand. Not make excuses. Violence is not a normal marital problem.”

— Domestic Abuse Survivor —

In Churches Too

In 2018, we conducted research into the levels of domestic abuse experienced by churchgoers in Cumbria. We found that 1 in 4 people in churches have experienced domestic abuse.

Download the full report

"Reported domestic abuse is alarmingly on the rise in our country, and is no respecter of social, racial or religious boundaries. As followers of Jesus it is vital that we join with others in praying, speaking out, and doing all we can to confront this evil in our society."

— The Right Revd Andrew Watson, Bishop of Guildford —