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Every year, we join in with the UN's 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, which starts on the 25th of November.

In 2022, we took part in The Red Chair Project, part of A Place for Her: a project that aims to speak out for women and girls who have lost their lives to violence.

The Red Chair Project involves reserving an empty chair in a public place, with a sign that highlights facts about domestic violence. The empty chair acts as a powerful symbol of the many women who've been killed through gender-based violence. Red text is used for the sign, which serves as a reminder of the violence still faced by millions of women across the world: in war zones, on city streets, and in their own homes.

Can anyone join in?

Yes! All you need is a chair and a sign.

We love to see churches, organisations and individuals across the UK joining in with the project. In doing so, our voices become part of a collective sound that is reverberating across the world. You could designate a chair in your church, at a local cafe, or even a public space like a park bench (although remember to ask permission first if needed!). Using red fabric to cover the chair is really powerful, but if you can't get hold of any, printing a sign and making sure the chair is left empty will still have impact. You can download signs to use below.

Please do share pictures of your red chair, either by emailing them to us, or better still, sharing them on social media. This way, you'll connect your individual action with the larger voice of the project. Don't forget to use the hashtag #notodomesticviolence, and tag us in your posts so we can see them!

Red Chair Project - instructions

What Else Can I Do?

This might be the first time your church or friends have thought about domestic abuse and violence against women. You could organize a short segment at church on Sunday, November 18 to inform people what abuse can look like and pray using one of the prayers available above. You could even devote the whole service to this issue, with the red chair, prayers, information, and a talk on healthy relationships using the preaching notes available online.

You can download loads of resources to help you with this, including prayers and preaching notes. Just click here!

Browse the Red Chair gallery here.

Even one small action can raise awareness and help to stop violence against women and girls.

— The Red Chair Project —