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We influence government policy and conduct research into key areas of domestic abuse in the Church to bring about social change. We speak up for survivors of abuse as well as advocating for faith leaders to be included in national responses to violence against women and girls (VAWG).

What we do:

  • Lobby the UK/EU government, engaging MPs around the issue of VAWG and provide evidence for Parliament.
  • Provide written questions and briefings to the House of Lords via the Lords Spiritual on issues of VAWG.
  • Collaborate with other faith groups to advocate for the inclusion of faith leaders in the national response to domestic abuse and VAWG

What we've achieved:

  • 2020-21: Contributed to the Statutory Guidance for the Domestic Abuse Bill, ensuring the inclusion of a section on spiritual abuse and that faith is recognised as a listed characteristic for special consideration by statutory services.
  • 2019: Co-founded the Faith and VAWG Coalition to build bridges between members of Faith Communities or Faith-centric organisations and domestic abuse specialists and organisations within the VAWG sector.
  • 2019: Organised a letter-writing campaign to the Home Office about the Domestic Abuse Bill.
  • 2019: Wrote to Boris Johnson when he became PM to ensure faith was included in the response to VAWG. We received a reply from No 10 endorsing this work.
  • 2015: Organised a Faith Leaders Forum, hosted by Lord McColl at the House of Lords, where leaders of the UK’s main faiths made a commitment to do all they could to end violence against women. You can download the declaration and our partner FaithAction’s recommendations document here.
  • 2014: Gave oral evidence (based on accepted written evidence) to the Joint Committee on Human Rights on ending violence against women.
  • 2014: Submitted a response via the Church of England on the UK government's consultation on the extension of domestic abuse definition in law.