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Meet the Speakers

Helen Paynter headshot

Revd Dr Helen Paynter

Helen Paynter is a Baptist Minister and teaches Old Testament at Bristol Baptist College. She is the director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence, an organisation which exists to combat the use of the Bible to endorse or promote violence. Her most recent book is The Bible Doesn’t Tell Me So: Why You Don’t Have to Submit to Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control.

Helen will be helping us dig deeper into theology, and showing us how the Bible is the living word of God, who is the friend of the weak. It does not belong to abusers!

Rosemary Hack headshot.jpg

Rosemary Hack

Rosemary Hack has lived overseas and ministered with her husband in various places around the world for the past 40 years (Middle East, Asia, Africa). As a woman in leadership she has become increasingly concerned about sexism, misogyny and the abuse and discrimination women experience, especially in faith contexts, believing that the church should be the safest, most just place and a pacesetter. She is passionate about tackling issues of injustice and oppression and believes that challenging some of the deep beliefs and theology that lie below the surface is a key part of this.

Rosemary is CEO of Press Red, who educate, equip and empower on Gender Based Violence. Her seminar will help us explore how to break the silence on abuse of women and girls. What are some of the common signs of abuse and how should you respond if you spot it? Rosemary will also be introducing Press Red's DISRUPTOR! Active Bystander Intervention Course, calling on both men and women who want to be allies to women.

Sally Hope headshot.jpg

Sally Hope

Sally is a Writer, Speaker, Trainer and Domestic Abuse Group Facilitator. Passionate about supporting Christian Survivors of Domestic Abuse, she created the Always Hopeful Programme, which seeks to help survivors work out their faith in the aftermath of their experience of spiritual and domestic abuse. Prior to creating the Always Hopeful Programme Sally had six years experience delivering secular recovery programmes both within a refuge and within the community. Sally is a huge advocate of the amazing healing effects of peer support and a steaming mug of hot strong tea.

Sally will be joining us in Manchester only.