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'Just imagine! We must speak up and do something.'

— Judges 19:30 —

The role of the Church

At the heart of what we do is the call of God to do what is right, seek justice and defend the oppressed. In Judges 19 we read a story of horrific abuse which ends with God's people saying, 'Just imagine! We must speak up and do something.' That challenge still stands and we want to empower and equip the church to rise to it.

It's hard to admit that domestic abuse can still happen within our church communities, but it's vitally important that we don't turn our eyes from what is happening to some of those in our congregations. We recently conducted research that demonstrated that 1 in 4 churchgoers have experienced an act of abuse within their current relationship. How we respond to this information will shape the culture of our churches.

We want to create a network of churches that never tolerate abuse, that teach and model healthy and equal relationships between men and women and that provide a safe refuge for survivors, nurturing them back to health and demonstrating God’s deep love for them.