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We live in a culture that has become ever more sexualised and where sexual violence seems to be becoming more normalised. As parents it's frightening and it can be hard to know how to speak to our children about it and prepare them for the world we live in.

It's why we want to support parents by not only talking about how we have those important conversations but by looking at some of the other tools that we can use to help our children navigate the complexities of their schools and friendship groups. We believe that together we can raise a generation of boys and girls who create a culture of consent and respect.

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The world our children live in. . .

In June 2021, Ofsted reported that, after a rapid review of sexual abuse and harassment within schools, they had discovered that it was normal for there to be a rape culture. Nearly 90% of girls and 50% of boys said that it was normal to be sent unrequested explicit images and videos.

In March 2021, UN Women UK reported that 97% of adolescent girls aged 16-24 will experience sexual harassment. 1 in 40 adolescent girls will be raped each year.


About Bekah

Bekah is CEO at Restored. Together with her husband Steve, she has raised five girls and fostered four boys. Bekah has worked as a teacher in secondary schools and as a youth leader in her local church. Working with the Lifecentre, she developed and delivered sex and consent workshops in schools across Sussex and worked with teenage survivors of sexual violence.