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Deepening your understanding of domestic abuse

Following on from the success of our Tea Time Talks, which gave a broad introduction to how the Church can respond to domestic abuse, we are delighted to offer an unmissable opportunity to deepen your understanding. We have invited a select group of highly qualified speakers to come and talk about some key topics. We hope these sessions will enable a better understanding of the complexities of domestic abuse and enhance the capacity of churches to respond more effectively to it.

These sessions are suitable for anyone who is or may care for survivors of abuse: church leaders, safeguarding leads, pastoral teams, small group leaders or youth, children and families workers.

1 - The typology of domestic abuse: intimate terrorism, violent resistance and situational violence.

Monday 2nd November: 4-5 pm

Guest speaker: Mr. Simon Kerss

We're regularly asked the question: 'Is all abuse the same?' This session looks at the different recognised types of partner violence and how, by understanding them better, we can respond more helpfully.

Simon Kerss

Simon is a Lecturer in Criminology at Anglia Ruskin University. He has 20 years in practice and is an expert in agency responses to gender-based violence, domestic abuse and sexual violence.

    2 - What is a MARAC and how would it help my role in safeguarding?

    Monday 9th November: 4-5 pm

    Guest Speaker: Abi Jonas - MARAC Coordinator

    If you are supporting a survivor of abuse, it helps to know the system. A Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference is a crucial part of the statutory system to protect victims and their family who are at high risk of death or harm. This session will help you understand the role of the MARAC and how as the church we can work more effectively with them.

    Abi Jonas

    Abi Jonas is currently the MARAC Coordinator for Richmond.  She has worked Domestic Abuse Crisis Intervention across London since 2015, both in front-line advocacy and coordinating MARAC’s. Abi previously spent 10 years in Education as Geography and Humanities Teacher, and pastoral Head of Year in various secondary schools in the Southeast.  Abi studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the University of Law. Last she completed the Safelives’ Manager’s Service Delivery Course

    3- Abusers in our midst. Supporting perpetrators in our churches

    Monday 16th November: 4-5 pm

    Guest Speaker: Nathan McGuire - Associate Minister at Streatham Baptist Church

    With 1 in 4 churchgoers experiencing domestic abuse, the reality is that there will be abusers listening to your sermons and taking part in your prayer groups. Responding to domestic abuse within your congregation, especially if both the abuser and the victim are members of your church is challenging. This session will look at how to respond to perpetrators after a disclosure and how to walk alongside them on what will be a long and complex journey.

    Natha Mcguire.jpg
    Nathan Mcguire

    Nathan has been the Associate Minister at Streatham Baptist Church since 2017, but worked as a Violence Prevention Practitioner at the DVIP in London for more than seven years before that. He has been devoted to helping individuals see how their stories are connected to a wider story.

      4- Addressing family violence in our church. Why it matters.

      Wednesday, November 25 - 9:30-11 am

      Guest Speakers:

      Prof. Cathy Vaughan - Associate Professor, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

      Revd Dr Helen Paynter - Tutor in Biblical Studies and Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence at Bristol Baptist College.

      Faith and churches play an integral role in many people´s lives. They are a source of social, moral and ethical guidance and support. There are times, however, when they promote norms and relationships that drive or condone the use of violence. The Bible can get misused and abused to hold women in abusive relationships. Cathy will share her research from Australia into the contributors to domestic abuse in faith settings and the role that churches and church leaders can play responding and preventing such violence. Helen will share her theological understanding of why it is essential that the Church speaks up about domestic abuse and works to end it in their communities and beyond.

      Please note this session is being held on a Wednesday morning and is part of our 10th birthday celebrations.

      Helen Paynter.png
      Rev'd Dr Helen Paynter

      Helen is a Baptist minister who works at Bristol Baptist College as Tutor in Biblical Studies. She is also the founding Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence, which is based at the college. She is the author of a number of books including God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? Wrestling Honestly with the Old Testament and The Bible Doesn't Tell Me So: Why you don't have to submit to domestic abuse and coercive control. She lives in Bristol with her husband and their youngest daughter.

      Cathy Vaughan.png
      Prof Cathy Vaughan

      Cathy is based in the Gender and Women’s Health Unit in the Centre for Health Equity, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. She currently leads research on the role of settlement and multicultural services in responding to violence against women; the Australian arm of a multi-country study on sexual and gender-based violence against refugees from displacement to resettlement; and research on building the capacity of faith leaders to respond to violence against women and family violence.

      5 - The effects of domestic abuse on the mental health of victims and survivors?

      Monday, November 30th: 4-5 pm

      Guest Speaker: Nikki Dhillon Keane - Therapist and author specialising in domestic abuse and faith

      Having a better understanding of the effects of domestic abuse on the mental health of victims and survivors will improve the way we respond to and support them. This session will help you improve the way you support victims and survivors on their road to recovery.

      Nikki Dhillon Keane.png
      Nikki Dhillon Keane

      Nikki is a therapist, trainer and consultant, specialising in domestic abuse and Faith.  She works with Caritas and the Catholic Bishop's Conference of England and Wales, and is a co-founder of the Faith and VAWG Coalition. She works to increase awareness of domestic abuse in Faith Communities and in the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

      She is the author of "Domestic Abuse in Church Communities: a safe pastoral response"

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