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We're passionate about helping churches feel confident that they know what to do when domestic abuse is disclosed.

Our foundation course will help you explore key questions around the issue of domestic abuse. This course will give you a comprehensive understanding of what domestic abuse involves, how you can spot the signs and how best to respond effectively.

Course content

This course provides a comprehensive overview of what domestic abuse is and how you can respond. It will enable you to more effectively respond to a disclosure of abuse, covering:

  • How the Bible informs our understanding of domestic abuse and how to respond
  • Using the Duluth Model to gain further understanding about the way abuse is perpetrated and its complexities
  • The impact of domestic abuse on survivors and how this should inform our responses
  • How to begin engaging with a perpetrator.

Upcoming dates

We've got a variety of options to enable you to take this course flexibly around your work, church or home commitments. Sign up now for an online Saturday training day, or to cover this course content over a few mornings or evenings.

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Book your place on the next upcoming foundation course now. The next course will take place on Saturday 23rd October 9am-3pm. Book now and we'll send you a copy of our Church Pack for free at the start of the course.

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