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We work to equip churches to feel confident to support survivors of domestic abuse.

Our level 3 course builds on the previous two levels, where basic knowledge of domestic abuse and insights into the links between faith and domestic abuse have been explored, to prepare people in churches and faith-based organisations to walk alongside victims/survivors on their road to recovery.

Course content

You will learn:

  • An introduction to the concept of trauma and how this should inform our response to victims/survivors.
  • How, as a church, you can provide holistic support
  • How to engage with local domestic abuse services
  • Key principles to consider when engaging with an abuser

Upcoming dates

The Level 3 Training runs either as a one-day course on Saturdays, or you can cover the content over three evenings, from 7.30-9 pm. The course costs £50 per person to attend.

Book your place now for our 2023 Level 3 Training courses: