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In our one-day training, we explore relationships, from creation to the fall, with a particular emphasis on what happens when relationships become abusive. We then look at how we can best respond to the issue of domestic abuse, understanding how Jesus supported people in their vulnerability.

Our training is:

  • Bible-based: reflections upon Bible passages to link our knowledge to our faith.
  • Highly interactive: a range of activities are used across the day, including group work and personal reflection.
  • Action-based: across the day there are opportunities to apply the knowledge acquired to people's roles or circumstances.


What does the day look like?

Morning Session

  • Setting the background, looking at creation and fall narratives
  • Understanding domestic abuse

Afternoon Sessions

  • How to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Included in the cost

  • Full-day training delivered by an experienced trainer from Restored.
  • A copy of our church pack.
  • Further support from our team in implementing your actions as individuals/churches/organisations.

If you want to book a training or would like to have more information about the day please send an email to our training manager.

"Excellent day. Foundation theology really helpful at the start. Better understanding of how and why women are the greater victims of domestic abuse"

— Matt, 2019 —