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Together we can end violence against women

At Restored, we passionately advocate for relationships of mutual respect and love, modelling the reconciling love shown by Christ to all people. We know that relationships don’t always look like this. Control and abuse are, sadly, prevalent in our communities and our churches, with one in four churchgoers experiencing abuse in an intimate relationship.

We work to change the stories of women who are affected by domestic abuse, by training churches to recognise, prevent and respond to instances of domestic abuse. We also provide support for survivors of domestic abuse.

But we can't do this without you. Your donations will help us create safe spaces for women. Together we can change the narrative for women, giving them dignity and fresh hope.

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'I felt I couldn't talk to anyone in the church about [my experience of domestic abuse]. I didn't know anyone who I could trust enough to believe me or take what I was going through seriously. No-one knew how desperate I felt. It was like I was living in a state where my physical body was operating but life had been sucked out of me.'

— Charlotte —

Help us bring change

You could be the reason somebody like Charlotte finds a supportive church when she turns to her community for help.

£5 a month could resource an individual to become a beacon of hope for people like Charlotte to turn to.

£10 a month could provide a woman like Charlotte with a Survivors’ Handbook, helping her take the first steps to a safer future.

£31 a month could equip and train a whole church community to become fully skilled in preventing and addressing domestic abuse, providing a safe space for women like Charlotte.

Change her story

Help us change the story for women like Charlotte.

Give the gift of safety