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Restored hosts an international network of organisations and individuals working to end domestic abuse/violence. The network is called CNEDA: The Christian Network to End Domestic Abuse.

CNEDA logo - yellow

CNEDA members meet regularly to encourage one another and to share their knowledge and experience. Members also have the opportunity to join webinars with a range of guest speakers, and get involved with international advocacy campaigns like the Red Chair Project.

If you join CNEDA, you'll get access to our online members area, where you'll find free resources on domestic abuse, plus a directory of members to help you connect with others who are working to end domestic abuse. You'll also be able to join a Facebook group and stay up to date with news, prayer requests and encouragements from fellow members.

Read more about the history of CNEDA here.

The Red Chair Project

CNEDA members from across the globe have joined in with the Red Chair Project, raising awareness of the number of women killed through Gender Based Violence.

The Red Chair Project


If you're a Christian individual or an organisation working to end domestic abuse/violence in your local context and are interested in joining CNEDA, fill out this form expressing your interest and we'll be in touch!


Support CNEDA

You can give now to support the work we do internationally, enabling us to connect with more organisations and countries, helping bring an end to domestic abuse across the world.

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