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About us

Who we are

In 2008, Restored co-founders Peter Grant and Mandy Marshall felt God plant a seed in their hearts to see a united, Christian response to violence against women. They set about on a journey of listening to God, praying, and making contact with other individuals and organisations, and in 2010, they launched Restored.

Since then, Restored has been speaking up against violence against women and equipping churches across the UK and beyond to respond to domestic abuse. Our Survivors' Network supports over 400 female Christian survivors of domestic abuse, and our Survivor's Handbook has proved to be an invaluable resource to those navigating the challenges of leaving an abuser.

It can be hard to believe that domestic abuse happens within Church, but our research devastatingly shows that 1 in 4 churchgoers have experienced abuse in a current relationship. Abuse robs women of their value, security and hope. Survivors have been let down so often by people who were meant to love them, that they can lose their sense of identity and become frightened to even trust God anymore.

At Restored, we have a vision for a network of churches that never tolerate abuse, and are committed to providing a safe refuge for survivors, nurturing them back to health and demonstrating God’s deep love for them. In 2022 we launched our Restored Beacons: a network of churches that shine a light in the darkness, providing support to survivors in their communities.

It's a privilege to journey with survivors on their road to recovery, and partner with churches to stand against domestic abuse.

Just imagine! We must do something! So speak up!

— Judges 19:30 —