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A comprehensive guide for female Christian survivors of domestic abuse.

The inspiration to publish this handbook came from Restored's online Survivors’ Network, as it became clear that survivors of domestic abuse were facing very similar challenges, and yet there were no comprehensive resource to signpost them to for help. 

This outstanding guide is aimed at supporting survivors on their journey to recovery. Its been written with a particular emphasis for Christian women, who can sometimes feel like they need to choose between their faith and their freedom. We believe it's possible to have both.

The handbook contains contributions from 14 authors, each a specialist in their field. They include Louisa Whitney, a specialist in family law, Professor Ally Kern, who specialises in relating theology to survivors of domestic abuse, and Betsy de Thierry, CEO of the Trauma Recovery Centre.

Many sections apply to any survivor of abuse whatever their faith background, but the final section is aimed at helping Christians to navigate some common questions about faith. The handbook is divided into three themes: 

  • managing the practical realities after leaving an abuser 
  • healing and recovery after leaving an abuser 
  • theological issues relating to domestic abuse

Included in the wide range of helpful subjects are chapters on security, protective orders, supporting children, financial and career planning, managing physical and mental health, healing, as well as a section on what the Bible says about domestic abuse, divorce, justice and forgiveness.

Request your handbook

If you're a survivor of domestic abuse, fill out this form letting us know a safe place to send your free handbook to. You can request a paperback copy or a PDF version.

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The Survivor's Handbook isn't just helpful for survivors; it's a brilliant resource for anyone to have on hand to give away to someone who might need it, or to help you get an insight into what it's really like to leave an abusive relationship. Why not get a copy or two to have at home, or to keep in your church library?

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Australian Handbook

Anglicare Australia have produced a version of the Survivor's Handbook contextualised for Australia. You can request or purchase a copy over on their website.

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