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We want to see a network of churches that never tolerate abuse, but instead provide a safe refuge for survivors, journey with them on their road to recovery, and demonstrate God’s deep love for them. We call these churches Restored Beacons.

For centuries, God’s people have been at the forefront of challenging social injustice. We believe that God’s church is the hope of the world and that as churches step up and speak out, we’ll see change come.

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Could your church partner with us to change the story for survivors of domestic abuse?

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Why Restored?

At Restored, we've got over 10 years of experience in equipping churches to stand against domestic abuse. Our online Survivors' Network supports over 500 female Christian survivors of domestic abuse, through blogs, peer support groups and recovery courses. We'd love to use what we've learnt to equip you to walk alongside survivors in your congregation and community.

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"It's so beautiful to be part of a church that walks alongside me. Everything was so dark, now its so bright."

— Molly*, domestic abuse survivor and Restored Beacon church member —

*All names changed