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Restored Beacons

The Vision

For centuries, God’s people have been at the forefront of challenging social injustice. We believe that God’s church is the hope of the world and that as churches step up and speak out, we’ll see change come.

We want to see a network of churches that never tolerate abuse, but instead provide a safe refuge for survivors, journey with them on their road to recovery, and demonstrate God’s deep love for them. We call these churches Restored Beacon Churches.

The Aim

  1. To create safer churches.
  2. To enable those who have been subjected to abuse to find restoration.
  3. To challenge and change a culture that has normalised violence against women.
  4. To restore God's original intention for relationships.

What you need

Passion: Someone or a small team with a heart and time to support survivors in your church and community.

Commitment: A leadership committed to providing a safe environment in your church for those who have been abused and prepared to learn how to do that.

Finance: It costs Restored £2500 to provide the training and resources to create a Restored Beacon, although we do have access to funding to subsidise this for many churches; please don't let finance get in the way of becoming a Restored Beacon!

“[When you experience abuse], you need a key person at church who listens to you and cares about what you are going through. "

— Domestic Abuse Survivor —

What we will provide

Restored is committed to equipping and supporting you as you change the story for survivors:

Training: for all levels of leadership within your church to an appropriate level.

Help: to review and update your domestic abuse policy.

A pack of resources:

  • A Church Guide to Ending Domestic Abuse
  • The Survivors' handbook
  • The Domestic Abuse Charter
  • Stickers for your toilet doors.

Ongoing support:

  • Exclusive access to church resources
  • Dedicated 1-1 support for your Restored Beacon Lead
  • Monthly prayer and supervision sessions with other Beacons
  • Annual refresher training for your team
  • Access to further training opportunities

Why Restored?

Restored has more than 10 years of experience equipping the church to stand against domestic abuse. Our resources are translated into 13 languages and used around the world.

We're ideally positioned to provide you with ongoing, professional support as work to change the story for survivors of abuse.

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