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Changing the story for survivors of domestic abuse

In the UK, 1 in 4 women will be subjected to domestic abuse.

We’re working towards a world where women live free from the fear of violence.

Our work

Speak Up

Raising awareness of the realities of domestic abuse and advocating for survivors is crucial to our mission.

Church - equip

Equip the Church

We train and resource churches to respond to domestic abuse in their communities, and are growing a network of Restored Beacon Churches.


Support Survivors

We host a network of over 500 female Christian survivors of domestic abuse.

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A place to belong

Find out how you can join with us to create spaces of welcome and safety for survivors of domestic abuse.

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The Church Guide

We've produced this comprehensive guide to help your church know how to effectively and safely respond to disclosures of domestic abuse, and support survivors in your congregation.

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Find a Restored Beacon

Search our map of Restored Beacon Churches, to find a church that is fully equipped to support survivors of domestic abuse

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Help us change the story for survivors of domestic abuse

Make your church a safer space for survivors

Join one of our training courses to grow your understanding of domestic abuse and become equipped to respond to disclosures.

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Your generosity will make sure more survivors of domestic abuse can find support and healing.


Recognising Domestic Abuse

It can be hard to know when behaviour within a relationship has become abusive, but this list of questions put together by the UK government are a great tool for recognising domestic abuse.

How to recognise domestic abuse

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