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Ending Domestic Abuse: A Pack for Churches

Domestic abuse is prevalent in every corner of society. Our research has shown that this is true even in our churches, where one in four churchgoers have experienced abuse in a present relationship. Our Church Pack has been designed to empower churches around the world to engage with the challenges of domestic abuse, to root it out, to support survivors and to teach a better way.

Our Church Pack Aims to:

Church pack aims webpage (2).png
  1. Increase awareness of the existence and effects of domestic violence
  2. Take necessary measures towards being recognised as places where domestic abuse is taken seriously, survivors are believed and respected and perpetrators safely challenged
  3. Provide ideas for theological reflection on issues of domestic abuse
  4. Promote the importance of referring survivors of domestic abuse to specialist organisations and encourage congregations to support the work of these organisations.

It explains different levels of response the Church should consider:

_Church pack response webpage.png

Be Aware – Believe it! – for many people in church domestic abuse is a taboo subject
Engage – Become a safe place for survivors of domestic abuse
Support – Intentionally prioritise survivors, offering support in a professional way

We tell the stories of Christian survivors of domestic abuse

Church pack survivors webpage.png

We provide a self-assessment tool to help churches

Church pack assessment webpage.png

Domestic abuse is a specialist area that requires referral to professionals. However, as churches we can work at becoming places of safety through awareness, engagement and support, for those facing domestic abuse. Take the challenge and use our self-assessment tool, available in our Church Pack, to develop momentum so that your responses become increasingly safe and effective.

This resource is also available as a digital download in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Swedish. US and international versions are also available.

'Restored brings together experience, wisdom and energy for combatting this serious and often secret form of abuse. This Pack shares this expertise and enables churches to play a full and vital part in the work.'

— The Right Reverend Alistair Redfern, Bishop of Derby —

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