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Abuse robs women of their value, their security and their hope. We journey with them as they rebuild there lives, making sure they know that they don't need to choose between their safety and their faith.

The Survivors' Network

Our Survivors' Network is an international, online community that creates a safe space for Christian survivors to explore the questions and challenges they face, letting them know that they're not alone.

"I was loved, cared for, seen and heard. I understood for the first time that I wasn’t alone, I’m not alone, my experience isn’t unique, I am part of a sisterhood....I belong."

— Survivors' Network Member —

The network was established in 2015, with just 7 women. Since then it has grown rapidly; we now have almost 500 women finding support, and supporting each other, through blogs, peer support groups, and recovery courses.

In 2019 we published our Survivors' Handbook, to help women deal with the practical realities of leaving an abuser, as well as exploring some of the theological and faith-related questions that many Christians survivors are left with. We've distributed hundreds of these handbooks to individuals, churches and organisations over the years, including a project to get copies of the handbook into refuges across the UK.

Our Handbook for Survivors

Our Survivor's Handbook, written from a Christian perspective, provides crucial information and support to survivors of domestic abuse.

You can buy a copy from our online shop or, if you are a survivor, we would love to send you a free copy.

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Join our Survivors' Network

If you're a survivor of domestic abuse, we'd love to have you as part of our Survivors' Network, where you can explore any questions you might have about recovery and faith, and find community with others who've had similar experiences.

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