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Abuse robs women of their value, their security and their hope. We don't want them to lose their faith too.

Sometimes survivors have been let down so often by people who were meant to love them, that they lose their identity and are frightened to even trust God anymore.

Our international, online community creates a safe space for Christian survivors to explore the questions and challenges they face and to rediscover the value, security and hope that is found in the love of God.

I felt so isolated and alone, now I feel Jesus is with me every day, I talk with him, I pray, I read, I eat, I sleep. I have spoken to a counsellor who has informed me I have PTSD, which I fear might not ever go away. I have left my home, my job and given my dear dog away.  However, when you lose something you gain something, and my faith has been restored so I am full of gratitude and hopeful about my life now which is a blessing.

— A survivor —

Our Handbook for Survivors

Our Survivors' Handbook, written from a Christian perspective, provides crucial information and support to survivors of domestic abuse.

You can buy a copy from our online shop or, if you are a survivor, we would love to send you a free copy.

Please send me a free copy