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Changing the Story for Women: priorities for a new government

Central to our vision at Restored is speaking up about the realities of violence against women, and making sure that survivors' voices are heard. We urge all political parties to prioritise taking action on domestic abuse.

In September 2023, Restored signed the End Violence Against Women Coalition’s joint manifesto, calling on all political parties to adopt its recommendations for ending violence against women and girls (VAWG). As the general election approaches, we want to draw attention to the issues that are most frequently raised by members of our domestic abuse Survivors Network. We've put them together in our Top Priorities document, which you can read below.

Restored's top priorities

Read our top five priorities for a new government to end domestic abuse and support survivors.

Restored's top priorities

The EVAW Coalition Joint Manifesto

Read a more in-depth description of the issues raised and full recommendations for all political parties in the End Violence Against Women joint manifesto.

The Join Manifesto

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