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​Daily wisdom from Why Does He Do That?

​Daily Wisdom for Why Does He Do That? - Encouragement for Women Involved with Angry and Controlling

(By Lundy Bancroft, 2015)

‘Living with an angry, controlling, or unfaithful partner is like being wrapped up in a tangle of a dozen different strands of rope’.

This book is about helping you untangle the different strands of rope by providing short daily readings each with a focus on a particular theme:

Clarity - these readings aim to help you understand your partner’s unhealthy behaviours, and help keep him from confusing you or blaming your for his actions.

Surviving to Thrive - these readings focus on helping you to manage the challenges of day to day living in your current circumstances

Healing - these readings are about approaches to healing your spirit from the wounds you have received as a result of your partner’s mistreatment of you

Your Own Best Friend - these readings are about improving your relationship with yourself, to be kind a patient with yourself and steer away from self-blame

Staying Connected - these readings are about breaking out of isolation and improving your relationships with friends and relatives

Guiding Children - these readings are about how to value yourself as a mother and how to help your children have the highest possible quality of life

Each New Day - these readings focus on bringing you strength and inspiration.

Each reading takes approximately 2-3 minutes but provides hours of wisdom and encouragement for you as you walk through your day. This means if you have a busy day at work or with children there is still time to digest this book.

Definitely an excellent companion guide to Why Does He Do That? - Inside the minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

To purchase press here. (Approx £11 new, £6 used).