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Dear Diary: the Easter story

Reflect on the Easter story by listening to or reading these diary entries, written from the perspective of Mary Magdalene, from Maundy Thursday through to Easter Sunday.

Click below to see the diary entry for each day.

Maundy Thursday

"It’s Passover. Usually I love this festival- but leading up to today I’ve had the most disturbed sleep and felt unsettled at my core. I heard that a few days ago that a woman broke an entire jar of perfumed oil at Jesus’ feet...."

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Good Friday

"This day. Oh, what horror. How can I begin to articulate? Should I even utter in ink what has taken place? We are all in shock. Sitting, pacing, standing and staring- others silently weeping into some kind of void.."

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Holy Saturday

"The sky went dark and the earth quaked as you breathed your last. I heard your last words on this earth. Witnessed your torture. I felt so helpless. And now... You are silent. Gone forever..."

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Easter Sunday

"I don’t know how to write this. I don’t know how to journal what’s just happened. It’s not like it’s believable… but is any of this? I saw him. I saw Jesus. Alive…"

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All entries written & performed by Beth.