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Molly is a member of our Survivors' Network. She first heard about Restored after an internet search led her to our website, as she was trying to find out if staying in her abusive marriage was her only option.

I’d tried for years to get help through my church, but my abuser was still on the leadership team and I was told just to stay and to pray more. I knew his behaviour was wrong but I was so confused because the church seemed to be telling me it was fine.

No one in my church listened to or believed me, so leaving my marriage meant leaving them too. It was bad enough that my husband didn't love me, but my church didn't love me either; life felt dark for so long.

Happy woman

So I searched 'Is love real?' on the internet, because I needed to know. I searched for what abuse is, and whether God still wanted me to stay in my marriage and the church.

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Find out how Molly found freedom and healing from domestic abuse.

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Just £10 could provide someone with a Survivors' Handbook, so they can be assured that domestic abuse isn't God's heart for them.

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Everything was so dark, but now it’s so bright.

— Molly —