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Molly is a member of our Survivors' Network. She first heard about Restored after an internet search led her to our website, as she was trying to find out if staying in her abusive marriage was her only option.

Thankfully, Molly's search meant she was able to access our Survivor's Handbook, and read that abuse wasn't God's desire for her life. She didn't need to stay quiet or put up with the abuse, but could reach out for support and find freedom. Molly is now in a place where she knows she is safe and loved - and she was able to get their with the help of our Survivors' Network and a well equipped local church.

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I’d tried for years to get help through my church, but my abuser was still on the leadership team and I was told just to stay and to pray more....

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Just £10 could provide someone with a Survivors' Handbook, so they can be assured that domestic abuse isn't God's heart for them.

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Everything was so dark, but now it’s so bright.

— Molly —