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1 in 4 churchgoers experience domestic abuse. At Restored, we're working to change this story - but we need your help.

Through your church

We believe that local churches are ideally placed to stand against domestic abuse and provide support to survivors. Through our domestic abuse training courses, and resources written specifically for churches, you can become equipped to do just that. You can also partner with us to become a Restored Beacon Church.

For churches

As an Individual

You can help to change the story for survivors of domestic abuse by praying, fundraising, or coming along to one of our online domestic abuse training courses.

Find out more

Find support

If you have or are experiencing domestic abuse, help is on hand. Our online Survivors' Network is here to walk alongside you and help you access specialist support.

Get help

About Restored

Restored is a christian organisation working to speak up about the realities of violence against women and girls, and to equip the Church to stand against domestic abuse and support survivors. We host an online network that supports over 650 survivors of domestic abuse, and are developing a network of Restored Beacon Churches across the UK.

About domestic abuse