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Restored Beacons are places of welcome and safety for survivors of domestic abuse. We'll equip and support your church to effectively respond to disclosures of domestic abuse and walk alongside survivors in your congregation and community.

We'll provide training for all levels of leadership within your church, 1:1 support for your designated Restored Beacon Coordinator, and access to resources like our Church Guide, example policies and preaching resources. Your Restored Beacon team will receive refresher training each year, and your Beacon Coordinator will be able to connect with other coordinators each month through group supervision sessions.

"Finding a safe church probably saved my life."

— Molly*, domestic abuse survivor and Restored Beacon church member —

What do you need?

Becoming a Restored Beacon starts with passion: someone or a small team in your church with a heart and the time to lead the Restored Beacon work. It's also important that your church leadership team are committed to providing a safe environment for survivors of domestic abuse, and are ready to learn how to do so.

Part of the process of becoming a Restored Beacon is for the church leadership, and anyone who will be involved in the Restored Beacon work, to complete all three levels of our domestic abuse training. You'll need to be ready to set aside time to do this, but we'll work with you to arrange training dates that are convenient for your team.

Becoming a Beacon of Hope

If you'd like to hear more about the vision for Restored Beacons and what's involved in partnering with Restored to set one up, come along to our next free Becoming a Beacon of Hope webinar.

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It costs Restored around £2500 to provide all of the training and resources for each new Restored Beacon. For that reason, we do ask that each church contributes a set-up fee, plus an ongoing monthly contribution to cover the cost of supervision sessions and access to other resources. We know that for many churches finances are limited, and we don't want this to prevent you from becoming a Beacon, so we'll talk with you about what an appropriate contribution might be for you. We can also help you find local grants that might be able to help cover some of your costs.

“You need a key person at church who listens to you and cares about what you are going through.”

— Kelly*, domestic abuse survivor —

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If you're ready to partner with us to support survivors in your community, get in touch with us to start the conversation.

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