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Here are your photos of Red Chairs, across the UK and beyond!

The Pharmacy Rhosneigr Red Chair
The Pharmacy, Rhosneigr
Newcastle Cathedral Red Chair
Newcastle Cathedral
Red Chair project - Medical clinic - Romania
Medical Clinic, Romania
Red Chair - Witney Centre.jpg
Witney Centre

"We used the Red Chair in worship this morning, and gave out white ribbons for men against violence. I explained at the beginning of the service that 1 woman or girl was killed every 11 minutes by a family member/intimate then lit five candles and blew one out every 11 minutes. It felt quite stark and chilling, but was effective. Someone shared after the service of how domestic violence had impacted her own life - a conversation that would otherwise not have happened."

Red Chair - All Saints, Wick.jpeg
All Saints, Wick
Red Chair - All Saints Church, Eastbourne.jpg
All Saints Church, Eastbourne
Fakenham Red Chair November 2022.jpg
Fakenham Mothers' Union
Red Chair - Sutton Salvation Army
Sutton Salvation Army
Felixstowe Salvation Army Red chair
Felixstowe Salvation Army
Anglican Communion Red Chair 23
The Anglican Communion
Hope Church Hounslow Red Chair
Hope Church Hounslow
Red Chair - bench 2
Place for her

"We held a Service in our Church Centre after a minute's silence. All present were encouraged to write a prayer on a red paper chain before the Service. During the first hymn we joined them into one big chain and then broke the chains during the intercessions - [it was] very moving."

Red Chair - Bretton Baptist Church, Peterborough.jpeg
Bretton Baptist Church, Peterborough
Red Chair - Valerie, France
Une Place Pour Elles - the original Red Chair Project, in France.

Create your own Red Chair

Get involved with the Red Chair project by creating your own Red Chair. Download the poster, and other resources, now!

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