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Would you know what to do if someone in your church disclosed that they were being abused? Do you feel equipped to support them? If the answer is no or you're not, then you've come to the right place.

We offer high-quality training to equip and enable churches to better respond to domestic abuse. We strongly believe that responding well when domestic abuse is disclosed is a powerful way to be salt and light in our communities.

Our courses

Level 1:

Domestic abuse awareness

This training will help you explore key questions around the issue of domestic abuse. A series of 30-minute seminars will start you on the journey of understanding what domestic abuse involves, how you can spot the signs and how best to respond. These sessions are suitable for anyone who is engaging with domestic abuse for the first time. Over five weeks, we cover five questions:

  1. What is domestic abuse?
  2. How can I recognise the signs?
  3. Why does domestic abuse happen?
  4. Why doesn't she leave?
  5. How can I support someone who has been subjected to domestic abuse?

Level 2:

Domestic abuse understanding and response

This course provides a comprehensive overview of what domestic abuse is and how you can respond. It will enable you to effectively respond to a disclosure of abuse, covering:

  • How the Bible informs our understanding of domestic abuse and how to respond
  • Using the Duluth Model to gain further understanding about the way abuse is perpetrated and its complexities
  • The impact of domestic abuse on survivors and how this should inform our responses
  • How to begin engaging with a perpetrator.

This course builds on what is taught in the Level 1 course so we recommend completing that before joining the Level 2 course.

Level 1: Domestic Abuse Awareness

Find out more about our Level 1 course content and book your place for £25.

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Level 2: Domestic Abuse understanding and response

Find out more about our Level 2 course content and book your place for £50.

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Tailored for you

We'd love to chat with you about the needs of your particular context and tailor our training to deliver to a group in your church or community. It could be a training for your youth team, pastoral team or small group leaders. Or all of the above. Or, we could deliver a general awareness raising session open to the whole church.

Get in touch

'I do a fair bit of one-day training in my line of work, but I remember the day with Restored as the best.

Most challenging for me personally was the discussions around the impact of my teaching and theology on women in violent relationships - might I be encouraging them to stay and bear their suffering? I have since been contacted by a woman for emergency support, which I was able to give. Having the resources to hand was very useful; it felt a little like having a backup as I met with this situation for the first time as a minister.'

— Lead Pastor, Devon. —