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Celebrating Our Volunteers

This weekend, we’re celebrating the Queens’ Jubilee with the rest of the country, but I want to take a moment to celebrate some lesser known, but frankly equally worthy people - the volunteers who make the work that we do at Restored possible.

I stepped into my role as CEO of Restored two years ago. It was daunting: we were in the middle of the first lockdown, domestic abuse was soaring and as an organisation, we couldn’t do any of the things we were used to doing. We couldn’t even meet.

But over the next few months, I was amazed at the passion, agility and sheer excellence of the team that I had. It’s not a big team, and it’s made almost entirely of volunteers. Utterly extraordinary people who give of themselves day in, day out, to help change the story for women who have been subjected to domestic abuse.

I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our volunteers and to say thank you. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. I couldn’t do what I do without you. I consider each of you a gift from God, some of you introduced yourselves at exactly the moment I began to realise I needed someone like you. All of you have offered talents, expertise and time that I didn’t imagine it was possible to expect people to give so freely. Thank you.

— -Bekah Legg, CEO - —

To the team responding to survivors,

Your wisdom and kindness, replying to survivors and providing personal support is a lifeline to over 400 women. You may have been the first person who understands them, the first person who doesn’t interrogate, the first person who says I believe you, I’m here and I care.

Thank you.

To the team moderating our Facebook group,

You pioneered this invaluable community and brought your experience, compassion and wisdom to create a space for friendship and community. It has brought life and connection to so many. Your consistent commitment has empowered women to support each other, cheer one another on and share their lives with each other.

Thank you.

To those facilitating wellbeing groups and recovery courses,

What you do is not for the faint of heart. Your commitment to journeying with survivors is costly, but it is changing the story for women who thought no one cared. Your gentle care has modelled family, you have created a space for survivors to discover friendship and hope. You have shown women that they are no longer alone.

Thank you.

To those in the ‘office’,

Where would we be without you? You build relationships with churches and organisations, you founded the Survivors’ Network, you write and edit blogs and books, speak at events, single handedly coordinate our social media and ensure our resources get to those who need them most. You’re the oil in the machine and some of the cogs and levers too!

Thank you.

To those who pray,

Your faithfulness and commitment to intercede for us and women around the world is the powerhouse which fuels everything we do. Each Friday, your presence in our prayer meetings brings hope and encouragement to the team, you call on the King of heaven to change lives and His words, through you, have provided inspiration and direction to what we do.

Thank you.

To the trustees,

I continue to be bowled over by the experience, skillset and wisdom that you bring to Restored. Creating time and space in busy lives is never easy, but your commitment to show up and be the board we could never afford is extraordinary. On a personal level, your support of me is more appreciated than I can express.

Thank you.

To those I don’t yet know,

I know that there are more men and women that I have yet to meet who champion the work we do, who give of their time and their finances to support Restored as we change the story for women. Some of you are speaking up in your local church, running support groups, organising fundraisers, training sessions and more. You’re all heroes.

Thank you.

It is humbling to serve alongside such an amazing group of volunteers, thank you for all you do.


Bekah Legg, CEO