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Diane's Story - Chapter 2: The Escalation

The Escalation

Then, one day in America, Mike hit me in a public place, when we were in the car with the children. Within minutes several police cars arrived, with blue flashing lights, and my husband was arrested. Subsequently we both had to appear in court. I was worried about what to say, as I knew that he could go to prison if the police knew the whole story.

By now I was feeling very ashamed, and didn’t talk to anyone about what was going on.

We lived in America for another 2 years after that. My husband was put on probation, and I was told to call the police if he hit me again.

When we returned to England the hitting and control started again. It was then that my brother made me promise to call the police if he hit me again. This I did. I called 999 and the police came. I made a statement. I had black bruises on my body, and the police photographed them. However, my husband was cautioned and sent back home. The police told me to call them if Mike abused me at all after that.

The next morning Mike verbally abused me, making reference to the bruises I had on my body. I called 999. When the police arrived they asked me what I wanted them to do, and without any hesitation I said I wanted them to take my husband away, and I never wanted him to come back. And he never came back after that.

We were separated for a couple of years before I got a divorce. But none of it was easy as each step of the way he made difficult, put all the blame on me, and fought to say I wasn’t fit to look after the children. He tried hard to tell people I was mentally ill.

Freedom from Abuse

Now I have moved on. By God’s grace I am free. It is only by God’s grace that I am alive, and have been able to support my children, and go back to work. My cries to God on numerous occasions came right from the deepest parts of my heart….to be heard, to be believed, to be loved and cherished. The pain of not being believed has been unbearable. The pain I experienced in the church has been unbearable, but that’s another story !

If you have read this story, please pray with me that God will bring justice and wisdom into our horrifying and desperate situations.