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Domestic abuse in church communities: A safe pastoral response

Nikki Dhillon Keane, a counsellor with extensive experience in the field of domestic abuse has written an outstanding book on domestic abuse and how church leaders and church members can address it appropriately and support victims/survivors. The benefit of this book is that it is concise and very readable - a lot of excellent information that can be read in one sitting.

Chapters include an outline of domestic abuse including spiritual abuse and discusses those who may be affected by domestic abuse and how the cycle of abuse occurs. Myths regarding domestic abuse are highlighted and debunked.

The book also highlights how individuals can support those who have experienced domestic abuse and lists the do’s and don’ts when dealing with perpetrators. Guidance on providing spiritual support and developing abuse free communities is also summarized.

Links to further reading and resources are provided.

This is an excellent primer on domestic abuse and should be on every church leader’s bookshelf.