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The Euros and domestic abuse

A study by Lancaster University during the World Cup 2014 found a match day trend showed the risk of domestic abuse rose by 26 per cent when the English team won or drew, and rose by 28 per cent when the national team lost.

Many of us love watching the games, whilst enjoying the flurry of excitement around a big competition. But one thing we do know - there will be in increase in instances of domestic abuse as the Euros unfold. Do join us in praying that victims of abuse will get the help and support they need. It doesn't have to be this way. Do pray that the story will change for women over the coming weeks.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse please reach out for some help.

In an emergency you should call 999...

If you are unable to speak on the phone, after 20 seconds the operator will put you through the silent solutions team who will ask you to press 55 to confirm it's not safe to speak. Then they will ask you a series of questions that that you can answer by pressing a number on your keypad.

If it's not an emergency...

If you're not in immediate danger, but you do need help or support, call the 24-hour, National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247. You can chat online with someone from the charity Refuge or Women's Aid have a chat function.

Read the full report

Report from Lancaster University

Link between World Cup and domestic abuse

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