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Stronger Together

Support for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

We are building a community of female Christian survivors of domestic abuse through an international online network, where bi-weekly blogs addressing recovery issues, members stories and book reviews are shared. We also run small groups for network members, such as Kintsugi Hope wellbeing groups and the Always Hopeful course. Members also have the opportunity to join our private Facebook support group.

We've also produced the Survivor's Handbook, which covers the practical, emotional and theological issues faced by so many women who have left abusive relationships. If you're a survivor, you can request a copy for free.

Find out more about our Survivors' Network

This is an international online network for female survivors of domestic abuse.

Find out more

Order your Survivor's Handbook

We provide Survivors' Handbooks free of charge to survivors of domestic abuse.

Request a free copy

If you need help

In an emergency you should call 999

If you are unable to speak on the phone, after 20 seconds the operator will put you through the silent solutions team who will ask you to press 55 to confirm it's not safe to speak. Then they will ask you a series of questions that that you can answer by pressing a number on your keypad.

If it's not an emergency...

If you're not in immediate danger, but you do need help or support, call the 24-hour, National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247. You can chat online with someone from the charity Refuge or Women's Aid have a chat function.

Male survivors of domestic abuse can contact the Respect Men's Helpline: 0808 8010327

We're here to help

We're not an emergency service and we don't have a helpline, but we'd love to help you think through questions about your faith, and send you a free Handbook. We're here to stand alongside you as you get the support you need.