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Father's Day

What is the state of the world's fathers?

To coincide with Father’s Day, MenCare have released a new report on the State of the World Fathers. 80% of men will become fathers. You can watch their inspiring video about fatherhood here.

The report was launched in New York by Chelsea Clinton with the headline that there's no country in the world where men and boys share unpaid domestic and childcare work equally with women and girls. Women do between 2 and 10 times as much domestic work as men. Fortunately there are also lots of positive messages about fatherhood in the report including the positive impact of men caring for their children on their own, their partner’s and their children’s lives.

It reminds us what a positive role fathers can make as well as challenging us to step up into areas we sometimes avoid or slow to engage. View the full report here.

Men's Health Week (MHW)

The MHW website cheerily notes that men are “less likely to lead a healthy lifestyle” (presumably than women). It goes on: “They are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol to hazardous levels and be overweight or obese. These lifestyles can lead into serious diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and stokes. ” More happily they also produce the excellent Man Manual which you can read online and will help you avoid all this nasty stuff and live to be a un-grumpy old man.

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