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Introducing our Survivors' Network

I wish I had discovered the Survivors’ Network quite a few years ago. I came across Restored almost by chance when searching online for something that I had seen advertised at church. I had spent several years feeling that there needed to be something to support survivors but recognised I was not yet in the right place to set something up. Thankfully, it already existed!

From the moment I discovered Restored and joined the Network I quite literally felt ‘Restored’. I was no longer alone; I had Christian fellowship and support from other women who completely understood. There is no judgement or mis-conception … or weaponising of scripture inside the Network. Being a part of it has helped to validate how I feel as a Christian survivor, to empower me to move forward in my life of faith with the assurance that I am worthy and that God loves me.

The Restored Survivors’ Network exists to provide a safe and secure virtual place for Christian women who are survivors of domestic abuse to encourage and support one another as well as providing a wealth of valuable information to support them on their individual journey. It is an oasis in the desert when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand or you just need to connect with other women who have been there and get it. It is also somewhere where you can be that person who offers encouragement, wise words, tough love and hope in a Christian setting. It offers:

  • Regular newsletter and blogs.
  • Access to a secure Survivors’ Network area on the Restored website.
  • Opportunity to attend a virtual, well-being small group.
  • Opportunities to get actively involved in the Network.
  • A chance to share ideas and even be actively involved in growing the work of Restored in our churches.
  • Soon there will be exclusive access to a Survivors’ creative area too.

I have found love and compassion and acceptance. I am not just surviving, I am thriving.

— Elisabeth —

For so long I had allowed well-meaning Christian family, friends and church communities to (perhaps unintentionally at times), make me feel like such a failure in my marriage. I felt my chance at fulfilling God’s purpose in my life was lost and that I was metaphorically stuck in a hole to ‘just survive’ for the rest of my life. Restored has helped to transform that false narrative, and being a part of this Network has practically equipped me to be able to engage with my own Christian community with a new confidence. I have been able to express what I have been through and how scripture has been weaponised against me. I have found love and compassion and acceptance. I am not just surviving, I am thriving. I have a whole new chapter to live for God that will be enriched by this journey and enable me to be a better version of myself.

The benefit of joining the Network is that you can make it work for you. You can be as actively involved as you want to, or have the capacity to be. We all have seasons when we need to be receive and simply take what nourishment is there.

Elisabeth Roberts - a member of our Survivor Network

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This is an international online network for female survivors of domestic abuse.

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