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Light after Darkness

- A Guest blog by Faye Hurley, Founder of Eden Aromatics and Worthy Woman

Within my marriage, I was punched in the face, strangled whilst pregnant, belittled, criticised, humiliated and controlled.My children witnessed all of those things.

As a child, I witnessed my own mother experiencing the very same things. I have seen her with the black eye and split eye socket. I have seen her dragged across the garden so that she could be repeatedly kicked in her stomach, within the 'privacy of our home', on the kitchen floor. Neighbours in their gardens heard, but no-one came. This generational cycle is something you can hear about often in the 'real world', but how often within church families? You see, what happened to my mother and I happened within Christian homes. In fact, my father was the church minister.

Thankfully, I am now free from my marriage, and so is my mother from hers. But those kinds of relationships - abusive, toxic, dysfunctional, controlling - take their toll on a victim.Those abusive words and actions damage your self worth - which, if left untouched, have the potential to destroy your life. As a Christian woman, I know that God created each and every one of us to live a joyful life doing the things He created us to do.

But if you have been told by someone significant within your life that you are Useless, Pathetic, Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Worthless

Then I know for a fact that you will not feel good enough to ever achieve the dreams that God has put within your heart.

If you are reading this and feel like that about yourself right now, let me tell you this: Those words are lies. Those words are linked to shame, silence, secrecy and darkness.

Those words are meant to destroy you. So let me bring some Truth, Light, Joy, Freedom, Peace and LOVE into your life instead.

The TRUTH is this...

You are perfect in God's eyes

You are beyond value

You are priceless

You are worthy - just as you are - of happiness

You deserve to live the life you dream of.

These words will bring you LIFE. You may not believe these words at this moment, but as you rebuild your self worth, you will.

My women's wellbeing company, Eden Aromatics, has recently launched a 90 Dayonline program and private Facebook community called Worthy Woman. As of 2016, there will also be beautiful Worthy Woman Coaching Days and Retreats. The purpose of both the program and the coaching days is to restore and rebuild women's self worth, self esteem and self confidence in order that they can reclaim their God given power to create the life that their hearts truly desire. I work predominantly with Christian women, so the 12 week program, and the coaching days, are faith oriented and are based upon the very things that worked to transform my own life. This course is being offered FREE OF CHARGE until 10th Dec.

Back in the dark periods of my life, I could not have imagined the life I now lead.I now have a loving, supportive, encouraging fiancé. He is my best friend, and he makes me laugh every day.

My children and I now live in safety in our beautiful home in the British countryside.Faye_2.jpg

And God has enabled my childhood dream of running my own business to become a reality an award winning one too!

I fully believe that sharing the transformational steps which helped me with other women is my God given purpose.

I founded my company not only to benefit my customers wellbeing, but also that of other women and children survivors of domestic abuse, by providing funding from Eden's profits for recovery and prevention programs, as well as to fund refuges, and I just know that I will spend the rest of my life doing this work.

When you support Eden Aromatics/Worthy Woman, you are not only changing your own life, but the lives of countless other women and children.

You can find out more by clicking Here

You will have a dream in your heart for your own life, and you need to know that God has put it there. It's what you were created for, and it's what will bring you the most joy and fulfilment.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life,and have it to the full" Jesus (John 10:10)

These words are truth, and you were meant to hear them today.God loves you, and wants you to live the joyful life He meant for you. Remember that, above all else.

You are His daughter. You are worthy.

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