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Look! The bride!

Look! The bride!

she's coming. So pretty!

Everyone turns, everyone smiles,

so young , so pure, so lucky for Him

The Groom. He is waiting

How proud and how kind

Everyone loves him, everyone says

"He'll make a good Husband,

He'll look after her,

He preaches, He prays,

so young, so godly, so lucky for her".

He takes her away, she trusts Him completely

He teaches her how, her kindness accepts it

He questions and asks

She changes, she loves Him

Look! The bride!

So godly, so loyal!

Everyone turns, everyone smiles

she quietly loves Him,

she's told to obey

He takes her further and further away

He teaches her how, should she really accept this?

He orders and shouts

she changes, He will

Look! The Bride!

so bruised and so broken!

everyone turns, turning away

she didn't obey Him,

she opened her mouth

The Groom. He is waiting

How proud and how kind

Everyone loves Him, everyone says

"she promised to love Him

she didn't obey"

"you promised to love Me

you didn't obey"

Look! The Bride!

Abandoned, alone

she tried to obey him

she's battered and bruised

is this what she's here for?

does God even care?

She closes her eyes

Her Father replies

his voice is soft and so kind

"I made You, I love You

I've seen everything

My Daughter, be brave

Come with me and rest

You're safe here with me

no fear and no tears

I'll take them away now

and save every one

My Daughter, come with me

You're safe here with me."

This poem has been written by Simone from our Survivors' Network.

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