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Saluting two "First Men Standing"

On Saturday, Baggy Collins and Peter Grant went to a Regional day for Christian Vision for Men (CVM) at Shepperton. Peter shares how the day went!

It is always great to be with CVM, and we were particularly inspired by Carl Beech and Dean Gray sharing something of their own stories and challenging us to live for Christ in our families and communities. If you haven’t heard about CVM or “The Code” then check it out at cvm.org.uk.

We had a stall for Restored featuring our men’s campaign, “First Man Standing” and I was given a chance to talk about FMS and to challenge the men to stand up against violence against women. Little did we know that later that evening, Carl and Dean would encounter a violent man abusing a woman on an underground platform in central London. To find out what happened next go to Carl’s blog at http://www.carlbeech.com/carls-thoughts/violence-against-women/

We thank God that this story ended well. It is not always right to intervene directly in these cases, but it never right to leave a women in this situation without providing, or accessing, whatever help you can.

We at Restored salute Carl, Dean and all at CVM not only for their fantastic support for Restored and First Man Standing, but also for their willingness to put themselves on the line to prevent violence against women.

Last Man Standing: Join us

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