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Spotlight on our Survivors' Network

Abuse robs women of their value, their security and their hope. We don't want them to lose their faith too. Sometimes, survivors have been let down so often by people who were meant to love them, that they lose their identity and are frightened to even trust God anymore.

Our international, online community creates a safe space for Christian survivors to explore the questions and challenges they face and to rediscover the value, security and hope that is found in the love of God.

We are building a Christian community of survivors of domestic abuse through an international online network where bi-weekly blogs addressing recovery issues, members stories and book reviews are shared. We run a Facebook group for survivors of domestic abuse that provides a space for women to connect along their recovery journey.

Survivors within the Church need the support of other Christian survivors who have had to deal with issues of forgiveness, discussions on divorce, trust, faith. We need other women who understand where we’re coming from.

— A survivor —

Safer spaces for survivors

In a recent interview with J. John, Esther, who runs our online community, spoke about the importance of journeying with survivors, and providing safe spaces for survivors to recover.

If you think you may be in an abusive situation, there is help out there, whether you are based in the UK or internationally. You have a right to life without abuse; you are precious and can be restored. Life doesn’t have to be this way. There is another, better, way. Being restored and getting free from abuse can take a long time and seeking help can be the first step in doing this.

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If you're experiencing domestic abuse or you're on a journey to recovery, we're here to support you.

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We provide Survivors' Handbooks free of charge to survivors of domestic abuse.

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