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The new 'Drive': ambassador Susie Flashman-Jarvis on the UK's new perpetrator programme.

The new 'Drive': ambassador Susie Flashman-Jarvis on the UK's new perpetrator programme.

At last, a programme that directly addresses the most dangerous male perpetrators of violence.

This morning I listened on the radio to a harrowing tale of domestic violence and felt outraged that such damage could be done to a family. You can read and hear more about Rachel Williams’ story here.

As an ambassador for Restored, and as a writer and therapist, I am passionate that this violence ends, and that women are not held responsible for the violence perpetrated against them.

The Drive project to enable male perpetrators to change their behaviour has not come a moment too soon as it is rolled out across three counties. The cost to women and children of domestic violence is vast and the long-term damage cannot be underestimated.

Young men are most at risk of suicide today and there may well be a link between this and a childhood immersed in trauma as the above story recounts.

At Restored, and within First Man Standing, we are taking new ground in educating the church, and thus society, about the consequences of domestic violence and sharing resources available to victims.

First Man Standing along with Christian Vision for Men are challenging men to stand up and be counted as men who respect and honour women. I hope and pray that these men can lead the way for a younger generation who too easily believe that they are free to hurt women.

In 2015, I published a novel called “At Therapy’s End.” The aim of my novel is to be a tool to educate and inform those caught up in this tragedy and also for those who suspect that others may be and thus bring about freedom and change.

You can find out more about the book and buy a copy here.