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Towers, Walls & Fortresses

Go, inspect the city of Jerusalem. Walk around and count the many towers. Take note of the fortified walls, and tour the citadels (fortresses), that you may describe them to future generations. FOR THAT IS WHAT OUR GOD IS LIKE. He is our God forever and ever, and he will guide us until we die.

Psalms 48:10-14 NLT.

Stepping into January 2022 will be something we are all doing with different levels of expectation and with varying emotions. Some may be excited, and waiting in anticipation of what this year will bring. Others won’t even want to dare to dream, as the disappointments of 2021 are still ringing in their ears, overwhelmed by the unwelcome start of a new year.

A question may be hanging in the air, will things get better or worse? What will I need to overcome and what will bring me immense joy? As we cross the threshold of the start of 2022 let’s take a look at what God is like.

First of all let’s take a look at an ancient map of Jerusalem:

Notice first the many towers around the edge of the city. Imagine yourself walking around the wall, from tower to tower. Counting them as you go along.

Then imagine placing your hand on the thick and solid walls that enclose the city. Reflect on their depth and magnificence. The role they play in defending the city.

Then finally notice the Fortresses of Antonia and Herod. Notice how they are a city within a city. Protected, surrounded by more fortified walls and a challenge to any enemy trying to overthrow the city.

Let’s return back to the text:

Walk around and count the many towers (v12)

Take note of the fortified walls (v13)

Tour the citadels (fortresses)


— The Bible —

Although we face 2022 with uncertainty. We can be sure that our God will not change and will continue to be our tower, fortified walls and fortress. In Him we can trust.

Why not take some time to reflect on how God has shown himself to be all these things to us in 2021. Then we can walk into 2022 knowing that we stand on a firm foundation, of a faithful God who will not fail us even when life lets us down.